Future Health Care Clinic & Educational Center

Under the guidance of USD professor, Daniela Deutsch, students from the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego recently completed intensive research to develop a flexible space that will be used as a healthcare clinic and educational center in the village of Simbo. The students are currently making final decisions for the design and strategy for the building. This will be W.E. Do Good’s second building since the completion of the school.

Photo By Carlos Esparza


(Saving Water Project)
Rebuilding a Community One Drop at a Time

For the residents of Simbo, the only source of water was miles from their village. They had no choice but to hike miles to collect contaminated water. This resulted in families becoming sick from water-born illnesses. A solution was needed – and quickly.

W.E. Do Good jumped into action and partnered with the local water department to install a pump in the village. Aided by contributions from Jo Ann and Harry Weissman, WDG began providing 300- 400 families with clean, accessible water everyday.

Thanks to this project, the women, children, and farmers of the Simbo community have access to uncontaminated water. Not to mention a brighter future.

Rebuilding the Economy

Original building verses new building

Before the new school, students:

  • Sat on logs, learning in a makeshift classroom built of tarps
  • Were exposed to more airborne illnesses due to poor ventilation
  • Studied with kerosene lanterns, creating health and safety risks
  • Were cramped in a small space making it difficult to learn

Now, the new school:

  • Four large classrooms with chair desks and a teacher’s lounge
  • Recognized by the Department of Education
  • Comfortably fits up to 40 students in one classroom
  • Offers morning and evening classes